What is RosyBoa?

What is RosyBoa ?

Using just three screens, RosyBoa is a brain-centric framework that divides projects into overviews, key actions and conversations. It allows users to dip in and out of a project without ever losing information or getting caught up in needless “noise”.

Ideal for managing small and large projects, the tool uses just three screens. The overview screen is a virtual dashboard outlining all projects currently in progress, while the key actions screen allows users to see all team members and outline each member’s assigned tasks. Finally, the conversations screen allows users to open any action and follow a single streamlined discussion, dividing them into three progress markers: “to do”, “in motion”, and “done”.

This ensures that no user misses any information, and helps to streamline processes. RosyBoa is compatible with other project management processes such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban or OKR, but truly, it is a standalone system in its own right. Ideal for remote teams, fast-growing teams, cross-functional teams, innovative teams and freelancers,it can be used for long-term assignments or projects with short deadlines.

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