RosyBoa is a clutter-free collaboration tool that helps you organise conversations, curate information and navigate easily between tasks by minimizing the noise around projects. It rests on only three screens, to allow your brain to visually zoom in and out of any project at will. The screens are designed for simplicity and clarity to give your brain room to think. The biggest value rests in what you don’t see!

For teams and individuals, this significantly reduces the time spent finding information, reduces the effort needed to understand that information, and reduces consequently the amount of errors that could creep in.

Rosyboa helps our brain cope with information overload. The discovery started with observing how the brain works, then reorganising information to suit the way the brain processes, retrieves and uses information.

Our attention bandwidth is limited to 120 bits per second. As a consequence, the brain can retrieve and make sense of only a small amount of information at a time. To maximize its retrieval efficiency, the brain categorises and compresses information into smaller sized blocks that are easier to retrieve thanks to cues, the most powerful of which are visual. For instance, we recognise places and people we have seen much better than we recall words. And from that cue, the brain will reconnect to the experience, conversation, emotion, retrieving a much larger memory. This economical system allows us to save processing power, which can be used to think, connect new ideas and create new things.

Meanwhile one of the hardest jobs for our brain is to put the multiple sequences of a task in their right chronological sequence. This is why it’s hard to be certain of a chronology of a series of decisions and to have everyone remember the same decision when it was taken even a week ago.

Those observations have led to the design of our patent-pending VAMOS (Visual Aggregation Method for Ordered Sequences). The Method helps you get back into context quickly when switching tasks.

It allows everybody to be on the same page instantly. Every team member can access the same streamlined information. Anyone can contribute directly in the flow of the conversation, accessing all the documents and links they need in one place in a referenced order.

Alongside VAMOS, we have designed a simple framework for project management called Key Actions Framework (KAF). Essentially, a project is the sum of all Key Actions. When KAs are done, the project is done.

Let’s take an example. If you organise a festival, Key Actions would include book a venue, invite guests, send the programme, arrange catering, buy insurance… At the beginning of the project, all the KAs are marked “To Do”. When people start making calls, getting quotes, writing drafts, Key actions will be ”In Motion”. When one Key Action is finished, you directly set its status to “Done”. Once you open the KA, you get the conversation, files and links inside that Key Action, not in other folders or channels.

As said earlier, instead of requiring you to process vast amounts of information to recollect the pieces every time you switch tasks, Rosyboa provides you with external triggers, such as pictures and previews of conversations, to help you match those with your memory and find information much faster.

Because conversations are curated, your brain only needs to find the right location to see information on a specific subject. As a result, you never have to remember what was said or decided; all you need to do is find the right project and find the right conversation, and do a quick keyword search in that location.

Thanks to VAMOS, conversations are clean and chronological, free of clutter and noise. Clarity comes at no extra neural cost since all you do is have a conversation, in the right location.

Using VAMOS, KAF and a visual dashboard, RosyBoa becomes a self-curated information system providing vision, clarity and meaning for the whole team. Everyone can see where the project is heading (Key Actions) and what happened (conversations) at the right level of information in the right context, as if reading a story.

Using RosyBoa increases empathy as people communicate through conversations, show what they see using screenshots, give insightful comments directly in the context of the conversation. When people understand the situation better, they are also more able to participate in the conversation to help the team complete the Key Action.

Finally, trust and transparency are improved, as Key Actions become a single source of “truth”, providing the same information and conversations which everyone can rely on.

At the end of the project, the shared conversations become the repository of experiences that will form the collective brain on that project.

Rosyboa is a small agile snake that never misses its target.

Why we created RosyBoa

RosyBoa was created out of a deep personal need. The team who built Rosyboa was working on a new search engine that searches like our brain, and needed to collaborate effectively. After failing to find the right tool, the founder and the team decided to first build the tool that would allow them to work together in order to not waste further time and make further mistakes. That resulted in the research and production of a brain-centric collaboration framework and tool, Rosyboa. After many earlier versions, Rosyboa officially launched in April 2018.