we’re Rosyboa. A project management system that helps you reach your targets faster. With Rosyboa you can get more done, streamline your workflow and use your time more effectively .

Our innovative approach has been developed using neuroscience. By going back to the basics of how you think, we created a system that syncs with the way your brain works. Rosyboa feels intuitive and takes the pain out of project management. Teams communicate better, collaboration becomes smoother, projects succeed faster.

With our intuitive design you can see a project overview at a glance and feel more in control of your the situation. Rosyboa is named after the namesake fast and agile snake that never misses a target.

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Work smart

Designed simply for maximum usability, our platform uses visual cues so you can always find what you’re looking for, fast. This instinctive user experience optimizes the way you work.

In no more than three clicks you can locate files, conversations and data, see the context of information and unroll the story of each project.

With Rosyboa, you can see a snapshot of your projects, so you know what’s done, what’s in progress and what actions come next.

Ultimately Rosyboa enhances the way you work, by giving you more clarity, focus and control. Rosyboa will help your team realize their potential alongside your own, by switching to a more responsive and organised way of working.

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Human technology

At the heart of our story is a belief in the basic human need for simplicity. Too often technology can overcomplicate, so we went back to basics. By uncovering how humans think, we created a system that structures information in the same way as your brain.

By incorporating findings from neuroscience studies of how your memory stores and retrieves data, and switches attention, we’ve designed a logical workflow that’s instinctive.

And, by using conversations as the primary way of exchanging information, we’ve synced with your most natural way of communication.

Work flows seamlessly. More gets done.

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Democratising technology

We believe technology should be for everyone – just like cars, electricity and mobiles. In the age of data overload where the average worker receives 34GB of data daily, we all need to manage our information.

How often do you find yourself struggling to find specific notes, references, documents or emails? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a startup or a big fish, Rosyboa makes planning and project management simple.

Ideal for personal and professional use, from planning events to managing your team to building a global empire, Rosyboa streamlines any project, to keep you firmly in control.